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Three explorers find a planet littered with the remnants of old civilization. They peer into the past.

Nine friends strive against mortal violence, environmental destruction, and inevitable doom. They struggle in the present.

One story connects them — Poison the Cure.

Follow the trail of a group of friends driven from their home and made to face a merciless decision in this four-part graphic-novel series hailed by creators, critics, and fans.

“POISON THE CURE is stunning. One of those comics that makes you want to pass it on to everybody, even those friends of yours who don’t read comics. Rowdy, hilarious, cruel, beautiful, highly original, and true.”

–Junot Diaz,
Pulitzer Prize Winner; Author, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Drown

Part One: 104 pages
Part Two: 104 pages
Part Three: 96 pages



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The Last Island is a silent comic about a boy on an island in the middle of nowhere. Although happy to be alone, he is inevitably joined by another boy, who has different ideas for the island. The two hate each other instantly, and strange objects from sea and sky arrive to complicate their rivalry.

“The kind of comic that perfectly exemplifies what sequential art means.”

“This book is quite an accomplishment.”


“This is an amazing little piece of work, cerebral and gorgeous to look at.”

Movie Poop

64 pages



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Something So Familiar is a Xeric-winning wordless comic fiction about a gentle man whose life is ravaged by the loss of his wife and child. Driven to deep grief and eventually to suicide, he jumps out of the window of his 40th-story apartment–only to discover that he is able to fly. Something So Familiar is a story about what’s really left when one’s world is taken away.

“Alex Cahill is pure comics.”

–Jeff Nicholson,
Six-Time Eisner Award Nominee; Author, Through the Habitrails, Colonia

“I’m a big fan of pantomime graphic novels and Something So Familiar is a well-constructed addition to that genre. Will certainly keep an eye out for more work from Alex Cahill and recommend you do the same.”

–James Sturm,
Eisner Award Winner; Founder, Center For Cartoon Studies

48 pages



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