Ghazi is on the run. His latest ploy is a fumble—stealing from the royal vault while revolution brews in the king’s city. He wonders where to flee as foreign armies arrive and diplomats and spies infiltrate the king’s court. Peasants have raised arms against the monarchy and Ghazi is trapped in the midst of it all. But far to the snowy mountains west is the promise of freedom and the lure of ancient, buried gold. Rich with adventure and deceit, with sorcery and murder, DAMASCUS is Jad Ziade’s debut novel and the first book of The Syrian Revolution.

“DAMASCUS is beautiful, hard-edged fantasy, shrewd politics, and action-packed scenes woven with fine prose. I can’t wait for the next one.”

–Farel Dalrymple,
Russ Manning Nominee; Author, The Wrenchies, Pop Gun War, IT WILL ALL HURT

Damascus Preview — Download (52 pages)

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